1.) How would you describe your work?

 ans: Crentive models, diversified manifestations.


2.) How do you select your subject matter? 

ans: Themes that are full of philosophical speculations.


3.) What inspires your creativity and art work? 

ans: Mingle memories, meditation, life an artistic creations into a style of my own.


4.) How do you create one of your works/what’s unique or unusual about your technique/process? 

ans: I use brushes, scrapers to create long line and shivelling touches.


5.) Did you begin with this style or was it an evolution? 

ans: I start from Fluid arts to Abstract paintings.


6.) Which artists inspire your work? 

ans: Jackson Pollock.


7.) Outside of art what other subjects inspire your work? 

ans: Travel has ignited my attenmpts to bold innovations.


8.) How did your education help you become an artist? 

ans: Education dose very little to my work. It is the creative feelings and imegination fowards my environment that has shape me into this.


9.) What's your favourite artwork you have produced and why? 

ans: Because i have done very bold attempts and great break through, so I am very satisfied with this piece of work.


10.) What's the worst piece of art you have produced and what did you learn from the experience? 

ans: I was critisized that I am not qualitied. I was then regurgitated and immesed myself into serious thinking to review myself and change from it.


11.) Do you feel pressure as an artist? 

ans: I feel happy, not mach of stressful. I doing art let me live in my word. Drawing has show me the lifestyle that I want.It has shown the different sides of me, my values, my views and my tastes.


12.) Do you learn from criticism of your work? 

ans: I learn from the critique to enter the public world I have mode more friends learn to be bold and break through. Not confine in my little word . This has brightend up my life with lots of colours.


13.) How has social media affected your work? 

ans: My works have been widely known through the social media.


14.) What is the art sequence like in Malaysia?



15.) What's your future plans? 

ans: I plan to join more arts exhibitions worldwide, so that were people will get to know my works and my cultural belief.


16.) If you wasn’t an artist what would you be? 

ans: Investor I was a fulltime investor before I join the field of Arts in malaysia.


17.) Do you think this generation is part of a particular art scene? 



18.) What's the future for art? 

ans: It is full of unpreditable potential in the future.


19.) What advice would you give to someone trying to start an art career? 

ans: To start your work boldly there will be somesone who will appreciate and recognize you eventually.


20.) What's been your biggest success?

ans: To be recognized by the artists and the field of Arts.

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